Tuesday, July 21, 2009

600th plunk at PNC Park

HBPs of note: July 20, 2009

It was a festive moment in Pittsburgh last night when Chris Smith of the Brewers plunked Jeff Karstens in the 8th inning. That marked the 600th HBP in PNC Park History, and players from both teams rushed out onto the field to celebrate. Karstens appear a little angry with it though, possibly because he had never thought to pick himself in the clubhouse "who will get the 600th plunk in PNC Park history" pool, because he'd never been plunked before and relief pitchers have only been hit by a pitch one other time this season. It was also Chris Smith's first career hit batter. Now the weird thing is that observers seemed to think this was some kind of payback for Karstens plunking Ryan Braun in an earlier game, and the players may have rushed onto the field in anger, but I think we can all agree on the real reason. Also in that game, Ryan Doumit got his 35th career HBP, which doubled as the 599th in park history.

In Los Angeles, Jason Schmidt pitched for the first time since June 16, 2007, and he also hit a batter for the first time since June 16, 2007. It had been a long road back for Jason Schmidt, but he had one great motivation - he was stuck on 49 career hit batters. But, he came back and pitched last night and plunked Ryan Hanigan in the 2nd inning, reaching the 50 HBP milestone, which I assume means he can retire in piece now. Maybe he'll stay until the end of the season, but you'd have to wonder what else he has to accomplish in the major leagues (although if he hits 19 more he can break the hit batters record for pitchers from Idaho, currently 68 by Larry Jackson). Also in that game, Matt Kemp got hit by Micah Owings bringing the all time HBP total at Dodger Stadium to 1,683, which is only interesting because the all time HBP total at Oakland Coliseum right now is also 1,683. That was also the 1800th known plunk to have been thrown by a pitcher born in Georgia.

Aaron Rowand recorded his 103rd HBP, which ties him with Hall-of-famer Tris Speaker, and not-quite-Hall-of-famer Jason LaRue on the all time list. Rowand is 10th on the 21st century HBP list, but he's still 47 plunks behind 21st century leader Jason Kendall, who has been hit 150 times since 2000.



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