Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shoppach gets 12th

HBPs of note: June 9, 2009

Kelly Shoppach took a plunking from Brian Bannister last night, bringing his season total to a Major League leading 12. It was also the 25th of Shoppach's career. Later in that same game, his Cleveland teammate Shin-Soo Choo got hit by Juan Cruz for his 6th of the year. Shoppach, Choo and Ryan Garko have been hit a total of 24 times for the Indians this year - the St. Louis Cardinals have only been hit 23 times and they're the 5th most plunked team in the league. The Indians have been hit 42 times as a team this season, which puts him on pace for 113 this season, which would eclipse their record setting total of 103 from last season.

The 2nd most plunked team this season has been the Boston Red Sox. Their left fielder, Jason Bay got hit by Jose Veras pitch, which reader Tom pointed out means that the Yankees have now plunked the Red Sox at least once in all 6 games they've played against each other this season. The Yankees have hit the Red Sox 9 times this season, which ties their 2008 season total for plunking the Red Sox. They lead the league in hitting batters with 36. The Red Sox are 2nd in the majors, having hit 33 batters, but they've only plunked the Yankees twice. That may be related to the fact that the Red Sox have won all 6 games.

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