Sunday, June 7, 2009

Orlando plunked FOR Los Angeles?

Dodgers second baseman Orlando Hudson got hit by a pitch yesterday, but the Orlando Magic lost to the LA Lakers - which means that Orlando is now 0-1 on days when someone named Orlando gets hit by a pitch. Hudson's was the first plunk by an Orlando this year. He got hit by Chan Ho Park, who has hit 134 batters in his career which is a record for Korean pitchers. But the prior record was 133 by Chan Ho Park.

Kurt Suzuki also go hit by a pitch yesterday. He's been hit 17 times in his career, but he's 16 HBPs behind the leader among batters from his home state of Hawaii. Adrian Beltre got hit by a pitch for the 49th time in his career, leaving him 1 away from being the first Adrian to get hit by 50 pitches. Not to mention the first Beltre to get hit by 50 pitches. And, Carlos Pena got hit by a Joba Chamberlain pitch - Pena has been hit 41 times and Chamberlain has now thrown 10 plunks, but among those 10 he's found time to hit Pena twice.

Kevin Youkilis got hit by a pitch, but he doesn't get to keep it in his collection, because Umpire Tim Timmons seemed to think he leaned into it, and didn't award 1st base. So, that one didn't count.

On Saturday, three different batters named Ryan were hit by pitches, which is the first time that happened since September 30, 2006.



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