Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Twins hit a batter twice

HBPs of note: May, 2 2009

Derek Jeter had made it through 109 plate appearances without getting hit by a pitch this season, but last night, in his 110th plate appearance, he got plunked by the Angels' Matt Palmer. Prior to 2009, Jeter had been getting hit once every 65.9 plate appearances, so he was overdue this season. That makes 139 career plunks for him, and ties him with former teammate Chuck Knoblauch for 25th place on the all time list. Jeter's been hit 14 times by the Angels now, which ties Jason Giambi for the active lead in the field of being plunked by Angels.

In Minnesota, Miguel Olivo got hit by a pitch. Twice! Against the Twins! In extra inning! Exclaimation point! That might not seem that intersting on the surface, but nobody has been plunked by the Twins twice in the same game since July 1, 2006 when they hit Brady Clark twice. Olivo also collected both of his plunks in extra innings. Only one other player has been plunked twice in the extra innings of the same game - Augie Ojeda, who did so on May 28, 2001 for the Cubs. As you may have noticed, Miguel Olivo and Augie Ojeda both have last names that start with O.

Tim Wakefield
threw his 168th career plunk, but MLB Gameday says that pitch struck Dioner Navarro traveling at only 53.1 miles per hour. Maybe that shouldn't count. Or maybe it should just count as 5/8ths of a plunk.



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