Thursday, May 28, 2009

AJ Burnett ends David Murphy's streak

HBPs of note: May 27, 2009

Yesterday morning, if you had asked what active player has had the most Major League plate appearances, but has never been hit by a pitch, the answer would have been David Murphy. He had a career total of 693 plate appearances, but no HBPs. He made it through his 694th and 695th career plate appearances without getting hit yesterday, but when he stepped to the plate for the 696th time, AJ Burnett decided he really wanted to throw the 65th plunk of his career. Streak over for Murphy. That leaves Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano as the only active player with over 500 career plate appearances but no HBPs.

Guess how many times Aaron Rowand has been hit by a pitch? That's right - 98, as of yesterday when he was plunked by Kenshin Kawakami. If he gets hit twice more before Miguel Tejada gets hit once, and before Manny Ramirez gets hit 3 more times, and before Reed Johnson gets hit 5 times, and before Chase Utley gets hit 7 more times, and before David Murphy gets hit 99 more times, Rowand could become the 65th player in history to reach the 100 plunk milestone.

Michael Cuddyer collected his 30th career plunk yesterday, Ryan Garko got number 45, and Chad Moeller got number 15. Alan Embree threw the 20th hit batsmen of his career.

Seven players got hit by pitches yesterday, but four of them hadn't been previously plunked this season (or in Murphy's case, ever). Six of yesterday's seven plunks was thrown in an even numbered inning.



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