Wednesday, May 20, 2009

99 for Tejada

HBPs of note: May 19, 2009

Miguel Tejada was just one of the 11 batters hit by a pitch yesterday, but Tejada's plunk was the 99th of his career. He's one plunk away from becoming the 65th player to get hit by 100 pitches. Tejada's 99th was thrown by Milwaukee's Dave Bush, who also hit Carlos Lee in the game, and brought his career total to 65. 46 of those have been thrown while wearing a Milwuakee Brewers uniform, which leaves him three hit batters behind the Brewer's franchise record (currently 49 by Jamey Wright).

Nick Johnson of the Natinals got hit by a Jeff Karstens pitch yesterday, bringing Johnson's career total to 60. Padres starter Chris Young threw his 25th career plunk, but opposing starter Barry Zito threw the 79th of his career.

Carlos Lee's plunking by Dave Bush was the 17th HBP by a batter named Carlos this year, which ties Carlos with Ryan and Jason in the race to be the first name with the most HBPs this season. Pitchers named Jeff lead the league in hitting batters, with 15.



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