Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dave Bush plunks 3 Pirates

HBPs of Note: April 28, 2009

Dave Bush became the first pitcher in the 2009 season to plunk three batters in a game when he hit Freddy Sanchez, Eric Hinske and Adam Laroche last night. That's Bush's first 3 plunk game of his career, and it moves him past Bill Travers into 2nd place on the Brewers franchise hit batsmen list. Bush is only 5 plunks away from tying Jamey Wright for the Brewers record of 49 hit batters. Bush has hit 63 batters in all, but only 44 have been with the Brewers. Bush also took the league lead with 5 hit batters this year. No word yet on whether Bush's ability to hit Pirates with pitches will get him drafted by the merchant marine to protect shipping in the Gulf of Aden.

Red Sox pitcher Brad Penny threw his 40th career plunk, hitting Jhonny Peralta, possibly out of frustration over confusing everyone with the spelling of his first name.

Brandon Inge and Kevin Youkilis both got their 45th career plunk, but Inge got hit by the Yankees, who have hit Youkilis 9 times, and Youkilis got hit by Cleveland, who have hit Inge 5 times. Brandon Inge is 10th on the Tigers all time plunks list, and Youkilis is 11th on the Red Sox list. Inge is the Tigers active leader, but Youkilis is 2nd among active Red Sox, behind Jason Varitek.

Brian Buscher, Travis Ishikawa and Colby Rasmus all got their first career plunking yesterday. Buscher's plunk was the 7th of the season for the Twins, which is a big improvement from last season when they didn't get their 7th HBP until May 27th.


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