Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HBPs of note - Sept 15, 2008

(the complete list of yesterday's plunks can be found on the interactive bruise board on the right-hand side of this site, but since that little piece of javascript doesn't get along with Safari or Chrome browsers, I'll be running this HBPs of Note feature, to keep you up to date on the days notable plunkings. Also useful for you feed-readers who don't like visiting the actual site.)

Evan Longoria got hit by a pitch thrown by Daisuke Matsuzaka in Tampa last night - it was Longoria's 5th of his rookie season, but more notably it was his first since injuring his wrist on a JJ Putz plunk on August 7th, which put him on the disabled list for most of August. Nice to see the rookie getting back on the horse, and he looks like he took it without major damage. It was also the 20th of Matsuzaka's career.

Also in Tampa, Mitch Talbot hit Mike Lowell, making Talbot the 12th rookie this season to hit a batter in his major league debut. At least he waited until he'd been through the lineup once, plunking Lowell on their second encounter. Only Eric Hurley and Charlie Morton faced more batters before plunking someone in their major league debut. Greg Smith is the only rookie this season to hit the first batter he faced.

4 other batters were plunked yesterday, and those were probably all notable to them.



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