Friday, August 8, 2008

Griffey reaches 80 - some other guy reaches 150*

Ken Griffey Jr. got hit by a pitch yesterday, which was his first plunk since joining the White Sox, but more importantly, it was the 80th of his career. He's now in a 5 way tie for 133rd place on the all times list, and 25th among active players. He's the 5th player to get hit by pitches in both leagues this season, and he's one of 8 active players who have 30 career plunks in each league. He's also one of only two players in major league history to homer 200 times and get hit by 30 pitches in both leagues - Frank Robinson is the other.

Also yesterday, Jason Giambi recorded his 150th career plunk, which should have been a more important milestone than Griffey's, and probably would have made a more interesting post, if not for Giambi's admission that he used BALCO brand performance enhancing drugs. He's only the 3rd left hander to reach that milestone, and the 19th player overall, but as far as we know the rest of them got there without going on the juice.


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